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"We Are DeWalt And We Are Guaranteed Tough" a phrase coined by DeWalt

Since 1924 DeWalt has designed and optimized solutions for the industries professional workhorses.  Ensuring that its tools, accessories and services are ready to take on even the toughest of work conditions.  And this is where they guaranteed that their products and "Guaranteed Tough". 

Dust Extraction Compliance

New OSHA Laws On Dust Extraction

Effective September 23, 2017

Are you compliant?  If not we can help ensure that you are at E-Bolt Supply Company with the best products from Milwaukee Tool.

Here is the scoop.....

When an employer needs to comply with the new silica standard, they must make and keep an accurate record of levels of this data.  

The record must include the following:

·         The Crystalline Silica-Containing Material In Question

·         The Source of the Data

·         The Testing Protocol and Results of the Testing

·         A Description of the Process, Task, or Activity in which the Data was Base and Received

·         Any Other Data Relevant to the Process, Task, Activity, Material, or Exposures 


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